The Valuing Water Leadership Coalition

Welcome to the Valuing Water Leadership Coalition, or in short, VWLC!

In April 2016, the United Nations and World Bank launched the High Level Panel on Water to provide the leadership required to tackle one of the world’s most pressing challenges: an approaching water crisis. The panel was established for a two-year period (April 2016- April 2018), during which several actions were initiated. You can read the outcomes of the panel here.

One of them was the Valuing Water Initiative, which facilitated a global conversation on valuing water and developed five key principles that you can find here, which call upon the duty we all have to value water.

To ensure the sustainability of valuing water partnerships and impact, the HLPW initiated the Valuing Water Leadership Coalition. The Coalition will bring together global experience and leadership from the public and private sectors to change the way the world values water.


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